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18 Aug, 2010

Bing and Mircosoft go to Mars

Posted by: drobs In: MSN Bing Search Engine

Find out how Microsoft has added Mars imagery to Bing Maps and with the imagery coming directly from NASA.

Is having a dedicated IP address crucial for achieving great search engine rankings and what happens if an IP address is shared among many sites?

Read our quick, concise guide that will put you on the road to being a hit with Google and co.

Press releases are a very useful way to inform the market of your product or service. Not only are they useful for distributing news or information, press releases are also very useful for search engine optimisation (“SEO”) and internet marketing. Normally press releases are written and distributed by public relations or marketing professionals but anyone [...]

What is an online business directory? Essentially an online business directory is a website where business or website owners can add their website URL, contact details and information about their company. This information is generally listed into nested categories to allow visitors to the business directory to find the products or services they are looking [...]

For information on hashtags on twitter, please reading this introductory guide article to Twitter hashtags. An interesting thing about Twitter Hashtags is that they aren’t officially supported by Twitter. Hashtags have been developed and introduced by Twitter users independently of Twitter. Currently you can’t actually follow Twitter Hashtags as such through the main official Twitter [...]

Twitter Hashtags are a very useful and powerful tool that can help spread your tweets and gain followers. Essentially, in a tweet you put a # immediately before a keyword or abbreviated code to create a Twitter Hashtag. For example, if this tweet is about something relating to rugby, a Twitter hashtag of #rugby could [...]

Tweet or twit? Understanding Twitter – the basics Is there any point to twitter? Is it worth using? Can it help my web business? These are all common questions relating to twitter asked by clients of Gator Web Design, a SEO company in Reading, UK. I think it’s worth providing some brief information about twitter [...]

If you have been running and updating your website consistently for a couple of years, it’s likely that you’ve secured some reasonable traffic from the search engines and obtained a decent Google page rank. An important thing to remember is that just because you’ve got traffic, it doesn’t mean that it will increase or even [...]

In addition to optimising ‘normal’ web pages, it is also important to optimise other page types. For example, lots of sites include documents such as Word documents (.doc) Adobe PDF documents (.pdf), Spreadsheets (.xls), Video (.avi or .mpeg) etc.  If these are also optimised, your overall SEO optimization can be improved or speeded up. Pages [...]

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