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  An important wat to get your website ranked high on Google using your specific keywords is to get “one way links” from high Google PR sites that are relevant to yours.  Google interprets the one way link as a positive “vote” for your site for that keyword.  It is important to create a variety of [...]

Blog visitors are just as likely to find a particular article based on an image as they are the articles themselves. Images don’t just add to a site’s appearance, they can also provide additional elements for SEO. Blog owners should name all images using keywords. This is demonstrated on the blog website  for Caversham and [...]

Search engines are probably the most important tool for internet marketing so you need to know how they work to successfully SEO and bring the all important traffic to your website. How do they work? Every search engine works slightly differently, but they have a basic structure in common. They maintain a large amount of [...]

When optimising your website it is important to get the right balance of keywords, enough to help return decent search engine results but not too many to get penalised. A good site to check your your keyword density can be found here.

Which results do you think are best and which are most valuable? Organic or Pay Per Click (PPC) results? Adding good perceived reputation to your site

Getting started with SEO. Basic tips and advice for those new to SEO/Search Engine Optimisation.

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