04 Mar, 2010

Introductory guide to Twitter Hashtags #hashtags

Posted by: drobs In: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)|Social Networking|Twitter

Twitter Hashtags are a very useful and powerful tool that can help spread your tweets and gain followers.

Essentially, in a tweet you put a # immediately before a keyword or abbreviated code to create a Twitter Hashtag. For example, if this tweet is about something relating to rugby, a Twitter hashtag of #rugby could be used. However, #Rdg is often used for those discussing something about the English town of Reading.

Users of Twitter or sites such as www.hashtags.org can then conduct a real time search that picks up all tweets that contain the Twitter hashtag used in the search. (Please note you should include the # in the search, for example #rugby). This can be very useful finding Twitter tweets about a subject of your choice that has been produced by someone you are not yet following. Conversely, it can help you get found and then followed by other Twitter users.

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Article written by Drobs from Gator Web Design in Reading Berkshire UK

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