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01 Mar, 2011

Ubertwitter is now Ubersocial

Posted by: GonVartrini In: Social Networking|Twitter

Twitter suspended the popular twitter application Ubertwitter because it said that it had violated some of twitter’s terms and conditions. These violations have been removed and Ubertwitter is back, except it has been renamed Ubersocial. You can download apps for iphone, blackberry and now desktop.

10 May, 2010

Twitter Panic as all Followers Lost

Posted by: drobs In: Twitter

Panic, panic, panic. Where did everybody go?

Have you heard of Twitter? It’s hard not to have if you’re marketing through the internet or even through normally daily life. Twitter is regularly mentioned on the radio and in newspapers and many websites now ask you to follow them on Twitter. Have you thought about using it to help market your business or [...]

For information on hashtags on twitter, please reading this introductory guide article to Twitter hashtags. An interesting thing about Twitter Hashtags is that they aren’t officially supported by Twitter. Hashtags have been developed and introduced by Twitter users independently of Twitter. Currently you can’t actually follow Twitter Hashtags as such through the main official Twitter [...]

Twitter Hashtags are a very useful and powerful tool that can help spread your tweets and gain followers. Essentially, in a tweet you put a # immediately before a keyword or abbreviated code to create a Twitter Hashtag. For example, if this tweet is about something relating to rugby, a Twitter hashtag of #rugby could [...]

Tweet or twit? Understanding Twitter – the basics Is there any point to twitter? Is it worth using? Can it help my web business? These are all common questions relating to twitter asked by clients of Gator Web Design, a SEO company in Reading, UK. I think it’s worth providing some brief information about twitter [...]

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