18 May, 2011

Create your own branded project portals

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It’s been a busy few months here at project-extranet. We’ve been working hard adding new features to our project portal collaboration system to make it more useful to your business, easier to use and faster to setup.

We want every business to benefit from using our collaboration system. Whether it’s to act as a project portal to keep your team working smoothly and efficiently, or to publish information securely to your clients, an extranet facility improves the professionalism and services-levels of your business while increasing team productivity. Now is the perfect time to bring your company up-to-date and with project-extranet you can using your own branded extranet solution within minutes.

These are just some of the new features that all business who use a project-extranet solution are taking advantage of right now:


Email Filing

Document and file sharing is central to extranet collaboration and with project-extranet we’ve just made it easier. Now, in addition to the standard file upload, you can also email documents directly to your extranet. Handy when you just want to forward something from your inbox, useful if you want someone else to file something for you, and efficient if you need an external system to push information into your extranet.

The extranet can even convert the email body to pdf for you. Find out more about how extranet email filing can work for you.



We all need to stay up-to-date with our projects and so we’ve introduced ‘Facebook / Twitter’ style newsfeed. From document uploads and downloads, tasks, calendars and meetings, you can see now see everything that is happening in your projects in a convenient and modern form by bring some of the power that has made social networking such a sucess into your business.

Filter to show news item since your last visit or just today. It’s a great way for everybody to stay on top of things and bring your projects to life.


Custom Folder Permissions

We take security very seriously and now we’ve given you even more control over your folder permission levels by enhancing the security options you have over your project folders.

Now in addition to the existing access levels of ‘owner’, ‘contribute’ and ‘readonly’, you can set much finer controls. Specify access rights all the way down to the individual project member level. The ability to set which folders can can be seen, written to and modified on a user-by-user level gives your extranet the flexibility and power to deal with a whole new set of usage scenario’s.

And there is so much more! We have a host of other new features as well. From multi-colour folders, user profile pages meeting notes and task management if you haven’t already setup your own branded extranet now is the time to take advantage of our our free, no quibbles 30 day trial.

It only takes 1 minute to be up and running with your own branded project collaboration portal; get started at www.project-extranet.com

If you would like to find out more, visit our website (www.project-extranet.com).

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